The Booth Hall

We love live music, we love the energy on stage, we love the connection you see between a band and audience, we love acoustic guitars being strummed into the evening, we love the lights, we love the energy of people dancing around us, we love to watch and drink. Here at The Booth Hall we love live music with a passion.

Over the last few months we’ve had the most amazing bands on stage from soulful blues, to screaming punk and everything in between. It has been brilliant, we have taken delight in seeing the young and the old dance together under the 14th century hammer beam roof, sometimes big crowds that dance shoulder to shoulder sharing the music and the joy, and sometimes there is an intimate few, drinking with us into the night, applause, encores and cheering…

Over the next few months we’ve got so much scheduled, we feel honoured to have so many wonderful promoters working with us to bring the magic of live music to this lovely building that is The Booth Hall, from acoustic acts and college bands to American bands stopping a night in Hereford on their crazy tours around the world. We’ve got bands coming from Birmingham, from Bristol, from Cardiff, and of course always from our beautiful city Hereford. In Hereford there is so much musical talent, on many streets you can hear the distant sound of bands rehearsing, so many beautiful voices, so many songs to be heard.

And for our part we want to help live music reach us many people as possible… we will be holding acoustic nights outside in the balmy evenings of summer, releasing compilation CDs, sharing videos online, and staging as many live music nights as we can. And of course inviting the whole of Hereford to sit and listen, to dance, to drink, to enjoy, as people have been doing at The Booth Hall for hundreds of years.

We want to be synonymous with live music, we want to create a wonderful home for live music, a place where there is always someone drumming, or a guitar gently strumming, or soulful voice drifting up into the beams.

Please join us to enjoy, and to make this possible.

We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks…..